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About company

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Herkim Group of Companies, founded in 1972 by the Panayırcı family; started its activities with the production and trade of leather and leather chemicals. With over 40 years of experience today; In Turkey, one in 12 industries, including free zones; In global markets, it continues its operations in Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong and India.

With its production facility established on an area of ​​8000m2 and its quality, control, application and R&D laboratory areas located on 1000m2 area, Herkim Group of Companies adds new investments to its investments day by day. It increases its market share every year with its reliability, strong reputation and innovative policies it pursues.


Farben, founded in 1972 within the group of Herkim Companies; started its activities with the production of finishing chemicals. Today; It provides comprehensive services with its experienced team in the fields of leather chemicals production, export, import, sale and marketing. It maintains all operational processes in its facilities located on a total area of ​​15.000m2 in Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone.

Farben; It has a wide customer portfolio both at home and abroad with its professional technical service team and maximum speed logistics service. With its products developed for the leather, textile and construction sectors, it offers a strong solution partnership to the well-established business partners that produce in these sectors.

In Turkey, companies providing services in the office and warehouse installed in 12 regions; It continues to add new customers to its customers in global markets day by day with new companies established in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


Кожа и материалы

  • Кожа


  • Химические препараты для кожи
  • Средства для финишной отделки обуви и кожгалантереи
  • Химические препараты для химчисток
  • Текстильно-вспомогательные вещества
  • Химические препараты для меха
  • Клей
  • Краски
  • Крема