Common questions

MosShoes.Online was launched as an edition to the exhibition MosShoes. Thanks to numerous requests from our exhibitors we have converted online exhibition into a permanent B2B online platform for professionals in the leather and footwear industry.

The season is devided into four periods:

October 01 - January 31

February 01 - March 30

April 01 -  July 31

August 01 - September 30

Our media partners are all Russian and foreign trade publications and portals related to fashion and retail: retail.ru, new-retail.ru, fashionunited, fashionnetwork, moda.ru, Fashion Store, RDT.info, moda24/7, Shoes. Explanatory Dictionary, kiddypages, Arsutoria, Moda in Pelle, Fotoshoe, Tochka Opory, Favorite and many others.

Each event is accompanied by a large-scale advertising and PR campaign.

Our solution covers the main functionality of an offline event:

  • Ability to communicate (video, audio, text chat) between exhibitors and visitors;
  • Meeting new partners;
  • Ability to schedule appointments (online and offline);
  • Presentation of collections;
  • Carrying out preselections;
  • Ability to generate orders from different exhibitors with subsequent adjustment;
  • Collecting of potential partners contacts.

MosShoes Online is a full-fledged digital analogue of the classic exhibition. This is not a replacement for the exhibition, but an additional service for our exhibitors to attract new partners.

It is also an opportunity for small companies to tell the maximum number of potential partners about their product.


There are two options for presentations during the exhibition.

You can conduct presentations at any convenient time to your booth visitors, in this case, only those who are currently at your booth will see it.

You can also make a presentation as part of the exhibition business program. This option is available at an additional cost and depends on the number of presentations that you plan to hold. Each presentation is supported by our e-mail newsletters and on social networks.

This option is available only to exhibitors at MosShoes Online. It cannot be purchased separately, only the option “video presentation”.

The report is built on arbitrary dates and allows you to see those models that are most often viewed by visitors to your booth. The report is available upon request from the organizers.

There is an option “download collection” and a template for a booth file in your personal account. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them. After filling in the file and downloading, do not forget to click the “preview” button to make sure that the downloaded data and images are correct.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the correct display of your products catalog if the images or information do not meet the technical requirements.

If you have not activated the VIP booth option, then you can see the contact details of visitors only if they have added models from your catalog to their cart. In other cases, you will see only the number of people who entered your booth without contact details.

The VIP booth gives you the opportunity to collect contact information from visitors to your booth online. Offline exhibitors collect business cards, and this process is fully automated and eliminates data entry errors via the Mos Shoes Online platform.

The report on the collected contacts is available in the personal account of the exhibitor. You can upload the report yourself for an arbitrary period of time.

For offline exhibitors, access to the MosShoes Online service is free.

By clicking on the “become an exhibitor” button, you will be taken to the participation calculator.  Choose the necessary participation option and additional options that interest you. After filling in the details, the contract and invoice will be sent to you at the mail indicated at registration.

After paying the bill, you will have access to your personal account, and you can continue to fill in the data and download the collection. A notification of activation will be sent to your e-mail indicated at registration.

To add additional jobs, please contact our technical support at help@mosshoes.com

The workplace is a video room in which a booth employee can negotiate with a potential client, demonstrate models and answer all questions.  This is a sales manager replacement. A separate office is created for each employee of the booth, in which you can communicate with only one visitor to the booth at the same time. If you wish, you can reserve available seats.

Any membership package includes the following options:

  • Placement of the company logo.
  • Collection download. The number of models is determined by the selected package. For each article, you can upload up to 5 photos.

  • 1 workplace with video chat function.
  • Presentation and contact details download. 
  • The form of orders from visitors.

MosShoes Online is an additional channel of communication with existing partners and the opportunity to meet new customers who do not attend events offline.

MosShoes Online is an opportunity to reach the maximum number of potential partners. The platform contributes to the development of omnichannel communications in the B2B segment, and improves the quality of the service that the exhibitor provides for its customers.


No need to download or install additional applications. It is enough to go through a registration which is similar to the one that you go through to visit an offline exhibition and walk along the booths.

You can enter from any device. For the correct operation of all functions, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for the devices from which you are logging in.

Write to us if you have not found the information you are interested in.